【ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT】Keycappie is Back on Massdrop.

This post is English translation of “【あと3日!】キーキャッピーちゃんがMassdropに帰ってきた!!“. Please be patient with my poor English.

Massdrop Keycappie 2nd teaser

Keycappie is Back!

Now Keycappies have returned on Massdrop‼️

It was May that Keycappie’s debut on Massdrop. Only 4 months past after the impact, but they came back👍

Massdrop Keycappie 2nd round

This wouldn’t have been happening without you all guys’s support🙇

People who joined the first Drop which is Keycappie’s debut on Massdrop. Who bought my goods on events like Comiket, Techbook-fest. Who supporting me on PixivFANBOX. And people who mentioning Keycappie on SNS like Twitter. Thank you so MUCH🙇 You guys, rock‼️

Enter the Siesta Keycappie💤

It was tremendously hard last time. Because for me, everything was first time. Emailing with overseas (Of cause those must be written in English). Shipping which requires invoice for customs. Billing form for English…
But this time, it’s not the first time, so I added some style selections to the Drop! Not only Siesta Keycappie has joined, but also you can choose Black and Stone color options! They were born from MJF. Keycappies who has more smooth skin than white nylon!

Keycappie Massdrop 2nd round style options

So one new pose and two new colors added since last time. Combined with Keychain/Keycap selection, it became 12 options at all once. I guess shipping will be big work for me. Already nervous in a good way…

Drop will close in 3 days. Please join if you feel kawaii for Keycappie! The cost including shipping is bit higher than Shapeways? I think it depends on where you live. But did you know: Keycappies delivered from Massdrop already has the soulsMechanical switch and keycaps!

FYI, I infused not only Cherry MX but also Gateron, Kailh Speed and Pro, Novelkeys, Zealios, and shiny orange TTC for the souls. In fact about 30 varieties of switches are attached randomly. Enjoy it as mechanical switch loot box!

This tweet is photo from last shipping. Did you notice they came with the sticker!💌

I’m glad people notice Keycappie through Massdrop. And maybe there will be the third round if the number of joined was big. Therefore please please join! And above all, more joining means more Keycappie born to this world! Please welcome Keycappie to your place no matter if you playing with them already🙇

And below link is the behind scene of last Drop. *Sorry it’s Japanese only.


Started Instagram

I know I’m behind on this, but Keycappie wants to be Instagenic, so I started Instagram.📸 I couldn’t take “romly” so the “keycappie” is account name against my twitter is @romly.

I’m pretending English account but actually I’m looking up at dictionary every word for each post.📖 But you know it’s “photos”. Language doesn’t matter so follow me on Instagram!👍


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