SA profile Keycap Small Bowl, now available!【Microwave, Oven, Dishwasher safe】

This post is a English translation of “【レンジ可】SAキーキャップ型小鉢、販売開始です!【オーブンOK】“. Please be patient with my poor English🙇

SA Keycap Small Bowl
Please take a look at this SA profile keycap which has beautiful highlight.
Porcelain keycap small bowl is now available at Romly Shop at Shapeways!

SA Keycap Small Bowl Size
The size is about 7 cm or shorter square. Unexpectedly, it has almost same size as Novelkeys Big Switch. Approx 100cc by leveling full. A bit small for coffee mug, but how about elegant English tea, high-grade Japanese Shin-Cha.🍵 At first, I was going to make a mug, but printing cost was too high for that. And if it was a mug with this shape, it’ll be too much capacity…😅

So it has become this modest size. But turned out, by this size, it fits for classy drinks. Kobachi size in Japanese style food. Perfect size for Tsukemono (Japanese style picles). I love them. I like たくあんTakuan, めんたいこMentaiko too.
I don’t drink sake at all, so I’m not familiar about sake, but I think it can be used as sake cup.

SA Keycap Small Bowl Shape
The shape is perfectly imitating SA profile keycap. Row 3, symmetry ones. Keytop has concave like real one.

SA Keycap Small Bowl as a keycap case
It’s food-safe porcelain but you don’t have to use for drinks/foods. You can put rings, keys, jewelers. Like an accessory tray on console table.
Of course, it has keycap shape. Good for organizing DIY keyboard stuff. How about using as a keycap holder while replacing keycap? It has depth so you don’t lose keycaps. And stable because it has moderate weight.

Keycap yummy serial
If you full it with colorful keycaps, it looks a yummy dessert! I want eat this every morning if there are keycap-shaped serial…

SA Keycap Small Bowl as a key switch case
Also please use it as key switch container. I know you have so many switches by looking for end-game switch. Dress up your favorite switch with this cup.

SA Keycap Small Bowl as a mini coffee cup
Started off with a normal coffee. You can let everyone around you to know that you are mech-key lover 🙂
No handle, but don’t worry. Corners are thick so you don’t feel hot if you holding corners! Also this porcelain material, microwave safe, oven safe and dishwasher safe! It means, you can cook a pudding with this bowl. Pudding! Keycap-shaped pudding!!

So, this SA profile keycap bowl, now on sell at Shapeways! Sorry I know it’s a bit expensive… against this size. But you can use variety of way. I’m very happy if you use this by your favorite keyboard⌨🙇

Added 2018-06-07

Shapeways suddenly shut down porcelain material. You can’t purchase it anymore. Before that only one person purchased it. But it doesn’t complete due to production problem. It was refunded. Therefore this SA keycap bowl became world’s only. So regretting…
I’m sorry if you interested or if you willing to purchase… I’m so frustrated.


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