[AVAILABLE] God of Keycappie. Godlike. God-head Keycappie ever.

This post is English translation of “【販売開始】キーキャッピー神、ちょー神。マジ神。“. Please be patient with my poor English.

Spoiler alert! At the bottom there is spoiler for Battle Angel Alita. (Why?)

God of Keycappie
It’s already a year since I started working on this. After a lot of fine tuning, I think it’s ready to release!

So, “God of Keycappie” is now available at Shapeways! Yay!

It’s also available at DMM.make so visit there if you live in Japan. They don’t ship overseas.🗾

God of Keycappie and Big Switches
It fits to all of NovelKeys x Kailh Big Switch Series, which is Linear Yellow, Tactile Orange and Clicky Blue. The overwhelming presence is truly godlike, but also the price is like a god-ish too. なSorry, I can do nothing with 3D printing price. It’s simply big… I mean, it’s a god!😇 In other word, actually, you can buy a god⁉️⁉️

I made it super-fitting to Big Switch. It tightly hold the claw of the switch. You have to make sure the claw is pushed, when you want to detach it. I think you can’t detach the switch by bare hands.

God of Keycappie フォルム
The difference between tiny Keycappies and this god, is only Big Switch. Cute rounded sitting form is exactly same. You can treat, admire, love them as Keycappie you already know. It’s just BIG.

God of Keycappie Size
It grew up just like this, compare to normal Keycappie. It the difference of fairy and god.

It has key-ring hole, same as Keycappie. But it has another hole on his back. What for…?

Actually, you can insert Pro Micro in to that hole! (Why?)
I guess… I think you can make something if you are good at electronic work DIYs. But it’s not going to hold Pro Micro fix tightly. You might have to use a glue of something.😅

By the way the body is empty, and it’s going through to the head, just like the photo above. Maybe you can hide something tiny important thing.

And it is another nonsense structure, you can insert 3mm LED in the cute eyes. Please make the eyes flash if you good at this kind of thing. Don’t worry if you aren’t good at electronic work. Just make 3mm LED black with a felt tip pen. And it’ll make cute eye of them.

In Japan, we drew a eye(pupil) on Dharma when we have a wish. And drew another eye when the wish came true. It’s kind of lucky charm, just an old tradition. You can do it on God of Keycappie if you want. No harm but the wish might come true.

You have Big Switch, but don’t know what to do with? It the answer! God of Keycappie, turns Big Switch to cute ornament! You can put it on your bedside/top of the fireplace. Maybe it’s good as toy for your children!

Actually, a elementary school girl play with it at last Design-Festa which I joined. Looks like she really liked the cute form, size, and Big Switch. Because it super fun to push Big Switch even for adults, even it’s meaningless!

So, don’t hesitate to get it if you like this! Thank you!

God of Keycappie
Oh I forgot to tell you one more important. Also the normal sized Cherry MX compatible switches can be attached. You can play Desty Nova from Battle Angel Alita! (Shall I say Tipharean?)
I’m big fan of Ganmu, so I already know it called “Battle Angel Alita” in overseas, but never knew the city name Zalem was changed to “Tiphares”. Interesting.


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