Tokyo Mechanical Keyboard Meetup Vol.4での発表のスライド資料です! My slide for Tokyomk4!

去る5/6、日本のキーボード好きが集まるイベント「Tokyo Mechanical Keyboard Meetup vol.4」が開催されました!

On the 6 May, mechanical keyboard fans in Japan gathered at “Tokyo Mechanical Keyboard Meetup Vol.4”!
I was absent last time, but this time I joined! I even did a presentation there!
It was first time in my life to do a presentation in front of people. Of course I have never made slide. It was so nervous that day. But just barely made it!
If you were there, thank you very much for listening. Sorry that my talk was so clumsy.
Here is the slides I used.

Tokyomk4 slide 01

Tokyomk4 slide 02

Tokyomk4 slide 03

Tokyomk4 slide 04

Tokyomk4 slide 05

Tokyomk4 slide 06
So, the world’s first doujin goods “Mechanical keychain” and Shigure x Keyboard book were born!

Tokyomk4 slide 07
たまもち屋 | メロンブックス

Tokyomk4 slide 08

Tokyomk4 slide 09
Then Keycappies were born♪

Tokyomk4 slide 10
By the way, I’m still collecting skills to make this keyboard…

Tokyomk4 slide 11

Tokyomk4 slide 12
If I combine them…?

Tokyomk4 slide 13

Tokyomk4 slide 14

Tokyomk4 slide 15

Tokyomk4 slide 16

Tokyomk4 slide 17
Please make a pudding with this♪

Tokyomk4 slide 18
Shapeways / DMM.make

Tokyomk4 slide 19
pixivFANBOX Romly

いやぁ、人前で話すのって難しいですね… ないんさんたのしい人生さんはちゃんとした構成でしっかり落とすところとかも用意して喋っていてすごかったです。
自分は初めてなので言うこと全部書いたスクリプト用意したんですよ、日本語と英語で… 当日はこれを読めばって思ってiPadで持っていったんですけど、いざ前で喋るとまったく読めないんです! これは大きな気付きでした。うむむ。結局言うことを思い出しながらその場で喋るしかなく…… そうですよね、発表ですものね、朗読じゃなくて。みなさんこれを普通にやってのけている。すごさをひしひしと感じました。

It’s so difficult that talking in front of people. ないん-san‘s and たのしい人生-san‘s presentation were fine structured, even has punch lines. Both was amazing.
I prepared a whole script, I wrote everything what I was going to say in both Japanese and English because it’s first time for me. So I brought it with my iPad, I thought it will be fine if I read it. But I realized after I started that I can’t read while doing it! That was a big discovery for me. uhh. So I had to talk while recalling what I wrote on the script. I should’ve known that because it’s a presentation, not a recitation. Everyone is doing this naturally. I deeply feel that everyone is excellent unlike me…
Anyway, thank to organizer for giving me this great opportunity. Thank to participant for listening! very much!



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