【World’s First!】Mechanical Switch Luxury Catalog “軸の本(Jiku-no-hon)” is here!

This post is English translation of “【世界初!】メカニカルスイッチのラグジュアリーカタログ「軸の本」 本日、技術書典5で頒布予定です“. Please be patient with my poor English.

Last week there was a event, which is tecnical book dōjinshi fair called “技術書典5“. Yes, it was fifth time of the event, I’ve been joined as a circle from forth time

My new book was finished just before the day of the event. It’s “軸の本 (Jiku-no-hon)“, ‘The Book of Shaft” if I translate the title directly to the English. You know, ‘shaft’ from mechanical switches. The sub title is “Mechanical Switche Data Book”.

This book dissect twelve mechanical switches starting with Gateron. Large photos, force-curves, you can enjoy like a luxury catalog of switches. I’m very satisfied of the shiny completion.✨ So let me write about goodies of the book.

Using luxury paper “Perla snow white” for the cover.

軸の本 表紙
As written above, I tried to make the book like a luxury catalog like watches, jewelries. So I decided to use Takeo’s luxury paper “Perla snow white” for the cover. The shiny paper like a pearl setting off the cover design which has a lot of white. It truly the good of the physical book. Please feel this with your finger.

The cover is cute!

軸の本 表紙デザイン
Familiar Cherry MX joint in the center of simple title logo of “軸の本“. And it’s actual size!
Therefore everyone realize this is mechanical keyboard book easily(Actually no one does…). The book has a total square shape, also the title uses square-ish font, is producing keyboard favor. You can find Cherry MX joint in the kanji of ““, cool, right!?😤

Only this book in the world, satisfies you with huge photos of switches!

軸の本 スイッチ拡大写真
Look at the huge photo of the switch compare to real one!
It’s difficult to see clearly to the brand logo with your naked eye. I bought macro-lens ONLY for making this book, which can take a photo larger than the actual size. I bought photo studio, lights too. This made you can enjoy each beautiful color of the shafts through the book. Taking BOX switches photo is so difficult because they are unsharp…

A lot of force-curves!

軸の本 フォースカーブ
The book filled with THAT chart! Mechanical keyboard lover like you always see this kind of charts, right? Sorry I’m an amature so I can’t say my measuring are super precise. Still you can see the characteristic of the switches. Actuation point’s line extended to the edge of page. Which means you can compare them easily with the other pages. Awesome!

Cute Keycappie photos took for the book!

軸の本 キーキャッピー撮り下ろしグラビア
I took cute Keycappie photos fits for the contents on each chapter. The photo above is for Box Thick Clicks. We can call it “Fishing“. They’re using click-bar as a fishing rod!

Super rare! Tamamochiko-Keycappie

The book is not Kan-Colle fan book like my previous book “軸のブレない時雨ちゃん“. So there are no @tama_mochi_ya illustration? Acturely there are! Super rare Tamamochi-ko Keycappie is hiding!
As well as Office lady Keycappie and Starting-off with draft beer Keycappie!

Aaaaanyway, Mech-key fans, keyboard DIY people, Clicky switchers, Linear switchers, Tactile swithers. Everybody who loves mechanical keyboard can’t miss this book! “軸の本” is available at my BOOTH!

The main contents are the photos, force curve and numeric data. I think you can still enjoy the most part of the book even if you can’t read Japanese.

But don’t worry if you feel unconfortable with unable to enjoy the whole content. I’m willing to make TRANSLATE VERSION. It’ll take time a bit so please follow me on Instagram[@keycappie] / Twitter[@romly], or read my blog romly.com. You’ll know when its ready.



  1. Hoping we’ll get an official english version at some point


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