Make landmarks on your keyboard! “Double-Decker Keycap” is released!

Haha, You already know what I’m going to write😅

Anyway, I made whole new keycap! It’s already available at Shapeways and DMM.make. Let me introduce!
The name is… “Double-Decker Keycap“! You’re going to know why the name is double decker.

無限キーキャップ キースイッチ装着時
As you see in first photo, this is a keycap. But the switch can be attached on it.

無限キーキャップ キーキャップとして装着時
And you can attach it to a switch, with switch, as keycap. If you use two or more of them, you can stack switches more, not only a double-decker. Of course you can push as keycap, but it feels very weird😁
Theoretically, you can stack switches forever. But I think at some future time the bottom switch leaves pressed by the weights…

無限キーキャップ 内部
The inside looks like this. I made a few 3D models which can attach key switch like “Keycappie“, “Sigure mechanical keychain“. I used them as refer, and I did remake switch container. It supports 3/5pin switches, any direction. I know it’s meaningless…lol

Without switches, they looks like this. Appearance is just like “Sigure mechanical keychain”, except this one has no strap hole. It’s 18mm square, the footprint-size is very very slightly smaller than DSA keycap. The height is 12mm, and if measure from keyboard plate, it become about 2cm height. It’s little higher than DSA or DCS profile keycaps, but it’s not so different or actually bit smaller compare to SA keycap.
If you use one Double-Decker keycap, your keytop become about 19mm higher. Maybe we can call it ‘Height Adaptor’. I don’t know advantage of height anyway.

無限キーキャップ 使用例
Actual use case of this keys looks like this above. You can build double-decker key, triple-decker key. Still you can press these key normally against the looks, but again, there is no meaning. But you know, don’t you feel something magnificent do you? Like ‘Stonehenge appears on the keyboard’… No? ok.

Like the first photo, you can even build Five-Storied Pagoda. But each switch makes wobbling, it become as hard to press as you stack. Maybe because of the weights, always the bottom switch is pressed first.

So this nonsense keycaps, are already sold at Shapeways and DMM.make. You should get one or more if you are nonsense-lover person! If you want to highlight artisan keycap in the keys in a keyboard, perhaps it will be a help.
I’m happy if you enjoy thinking about ‘How to use it?’.🙇

DMM.make doesn’t ship outside of Japan.


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