Keycappie-chan on the way!【Available at Shapeways & DMM.make】

This post is English version of “キーキャッピーちゃんできたよー【Shapeways, DMM.makeで販売中~】“. Please be patient with my poor English!🙇 日本語の記事はこちら

While ago I have been introducing a few images of Keycappie-chan, now they are real with 3D printing technology.
So tiny and sooo cute! Please take a look the pictures.

Keycappies (Nylon)

By the way, Keycappies are the fairy of keyboards. They are embodiment of characters from “軸のブレない時雨ちゃんJiku-no-burenai-Shigure-chan“‘s cover art. But I thought that keycap without keyswitch is nonsense. So I changed that they can hold keyswitch not only keycap.

Keycappie Size
As you can see, keyswitch and keycaps are these scale. Which means Keycappie is super tiny mascot. Very cute even he’s just sitting.
The coin is Japanese 10 yen, which has 23.5mm diameter.

Keycappie Head
His head is Cherry MX compatible housing, keyswitch attachable. I checked Cherry MX, Kailh, and Gateron switches. Also the “5pin” switches, like PCB-mount style switches are supported.
After attaching keyswitch and keycap, his head is far heavier than his body. I feel like keyswitches are symbol of Keycappie’s brain. Like… Blue clicky switch Keycappie is brisk. Black linear switch Keycappie is calm and reassuring. Silent Pink switch Keycappie is maybe a Ninja😎

Keycappie Two Types
These are both sitting Keycappie, but has different usage.

Keycappie Strap ver.
This one has strap hole at back of his neck. You can make him keychain accessory if you put your strap on. Maybe he likes journey. Of cause you can treat him as mechanical keyboard keychain. You can type your favorite keyswich whenever whereever you like!
Oh year, don’t miss his cute butt!

Keycappie Keycap ver.
The another one has Cherry MX joint from his small butt, makes himself keycap. Of cause it’s too large to use as normal key!
This Keycappie has switch on his head, it means that double key switches. If you set other Keycappie on this Keycappie, infinite loop appears! I feel little sorry that Cherry MX joint looks stabbed into his butt…

Keycappies Clear Keycap
So, these kawaii Keycappie-chan, I released at Shapeways and DMM.make!
If you are interested, please print them out, and give them a new life with your favorite key shaft and cute keycap!

DMM.make has free shipping to Japan but doesn’t ship internationally.

I will join 技術書典Gijutsu-Sho-Ten4 (which is tech-book only dojin event takes place at 22nd of April, in Akihabara), so I want to bring them to there but I don’t know they allows this kind of goods. I hope that keyboard related things are one kind of tech-goods.

Keycappies are not only sitting, there are also relaxing Keycappie and buddha Keycappie. I want to summon them into real world too! Ganbaru-Zoi!



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