Let me introduce my first dōjinshi “軸のブレない時雨ちゃん (Jiku-no-burenai Shigure-chan)”!

Last year at Comiket Winter (C93), I made a dōjinshi about keyboard so let me introduce!

軸のブレない時雨ちゃん 表紙
Look at this awesome cover art!
This kawaii character is super deformed Shigure from Kan-Colle, illustrated by @tama_mochi_ya. Keycap characters around Shigure are so adorable, right? They are “Keycappie“, fairy of keyboard.

As you already noticed, the book is about keyboard with Shigure-chan. The title “軸のブレない時雨ちゃん (Jiku-no-burenai-Shigure-chan)” translation is so difficult. In Japanese, “軸のブレない” means something like “person of principle”, “someone doesn’t waver his opinions”. Also the first kanji “軸” means mechanical keyboard’s switch. It’s a play on words.
If I translate that to English, something like “Shigure-chan, never got shafted”… Am I using the slang “shafted” correctly? I want to play on words “mechanical switche’s shaft” and “shafted”😁

軸のブレない時雨ちゃん キーボードの種類
The contents are very easy to understand for someone who even never interested in keyboard. Starts from very basic knowledge such as “membrane”, “mechanical”, “capacitive”… Full-color illustrations, photos, fun!

軸のブレない時雨ちゃん 四コマ
The book contains a few manga by Kan-Colle characters talking about keyboard. These are so fun even if you know about keyboard already.

軸のブレない時雨ちゃん 軸の種類
And the the book explains how mechanical keyboards are good. I know that mech-key fans know about mechanical switches, more than this book. But this is for beginners. Actually there is a person who bought first mech-key after reading this book. That makes me so happy!

軸のブレない時雨ちゃん 時雨メカニカルキーチェーン
This book is part of dōjin-goods “Shigure mechanical keychain” which is mechanical switch keychain with LED. So if you bought this set, you can study about keyboard, you can touch actual mechanical key. Perfect, right?

軸のブレない時雨ちゃん 時雨メカニカルキーチェーン
Unfortunately, the keychain is handmade, which means that it’s takes time to make one by one, so I couldn’t prepare enough number. FYI, the keychain cases are 3D printed, and the keycaps are hand dye-subbed. If you have a interest, read these posts (Sorry, they are Japanese only at the moment).

I am going to sell this at the events below. If you are in Japan at that timing, and if you have a time, please visit!

砲雷撃戦!よーい!三十五戦目 Hourai-Gekisen Yoi! #35
Kan-Colle only dōjin event takes place at 4th of Feb in Tokyo Big Sight. Part of large event called “BS祭 (BS-matsuri)”. Booth number is き-13, たまもち屋 Tamamochi-Ya.
時雨、佐世保に行くよ!5 Shigure, Sasebo-ni-Ikuyo! #5
This is also Kan-Colle only dōjin event, except there are Shigure only space. This event will takes place at Sasebo, Nagasaki-ken in Kyushu. I can’t go there but @tama_mochi_ya will sell the item.
技術書典4 Tech-book Fest. #4
This is tech-book only dōjin event. Perhaps “Jiku-no-burenai Shigure-chan” can be tech-book (very easy one). So I applied for entry but I don’t know if I can get a booth yet.

Of Course, it’s good that if you can buy online. But it’s still preparing. I’m thinking that the BOOTH which is Japanese online shop creation service, is first candidate. I don’t know yet.

Thank you for reading!
The book is Japanese, but just I wanted you to know that there is a dōjinshi like this!


Now it’s available at BOOTH!
And it comes with mini folding book for English translation!
* You can get it online! But might need international forwarding service.



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