ryclockはiPhone / iPod touch用のアナログ時計アプリです。

iPhone用のスタンドを買ったので、表示しておくと便利かなと思って時計を作ったわけです。シンプルなのが好きなので、死ぬほどシンプルにしてみました。 針だけで余計な表示物なし、操作なし、オプションなしです。



ryclock is a clock for iPhone / iPod touch.

I bought a stand for iPhone, so I made this for display. I like “simple” so I made it deadly simple. There is nothing but needles. No interact neither options.

NOTE: iPhone will not sleep while running, watch the battery.

This link opens iTunes US store.
ryclock is also available in other countries.


  1. Hi, i really love the ryclock. It’s the most beautiful around. Problem is it ‘crashes’ after a couple of hours. As i wake up in the morning the app sometimes lost focus and so phone acreen is black or it is gone from active apps meaning it crashed. Is there a possibility you could look into it?
    I have iphone 5c with ios 8.1.1

    Thanks again for the nice design

  2. I have Ios 11.0.2. The clock doesnt eorka anymore.

  1. ピンバック: ryclock - iApper


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